Meet the Team - Alan Crotwell

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This month we thought it would be great to feature one of our favorite architects and Associate Principals, Alan Crotwell. Most would describe Alan as hardworking, fun, sincere, and the "go-to-guy" in the office.  One can usually find Alan at his desk feverishly working on a Revit model, talking on the phone with his clients, discussing soccer or beer, or helping someone in the office with a problem. He's currently leading one of the largest projects in the firm's history, and he's the perfect project architect to do so. He's detail oriented and doesn't hesitate to jump in to solve a problem. In addition to being a wonderful project manager, architect, and part owner of the firm, he's a husband, father to two boys, and helps out with Boy Scout groups and soccer teams. We're excited that Alan took a moment out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. 

We were surprised to learn a few new things about him as well.

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What made you choose architecture? "I was always fond of building as a kid. We spent our summers building tree forts and hideouts from scrap wood. I never designed anything that we built, but I always had the idea in my head from the start. In middle school and high school I really enjoyed art classes and took as many as the school offered. To be honest though, until my junior year, I really never put the pieces together until my guidance counselor mentioned that it might be a good fit for me. I applied to the program at Mississippi State and was accepted as an incoming freshman. I was apprehensive after I realized the time involvement but I stuck with it and I was glad I did." 

Have you ever had any other career in mind? "Of course. I thought about Engineering, or being a contractor, but neither of those careers would have fed my creative side."

What sort of music do you listen to? "I like a lot of different music. Alternative, Rock, Southern Rock, older country music and a little Rap also." 

What was your first job? What did you learn from it? "My first job was cutting grass and raking leaves for several of my neighbors as a kid, but I don’t count that. The first real job I had was a stock boy and cashier at Big “B” drugs at age 16 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It allowed me some independence and instilled a healthy work ethic in me. It was a good way for a kid to branch out and learn how to interact with customers."  

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What’s the simplest thing you ever learned to do? "Develop an effective or efficient use of my time."

Where would we find you on a typical Saturday? "Either playing with my kids, watching them play sports,  playing a little golf or watching some college football. I often find myself in the middle of an overwhelming project around the house also."  

What is your favorite vacation spot? "Because I don’t get to go any more than every few years, I have to say the mountains. I love to snowboard so any mountain with snow works."  

What traits do you most value in your friends? "Loyalty, honesty, generosity and humor."

What scares you? "I am not a fan of tight spaces."

Who is your role model and why? "I have many roles models. My father is a big influence in my life. He has all of the qualities that I mentioned previously. I have learned though that most people in my life hold a special trait that I admire. I try to learn from those people and use it to better myself." 




UAB School of Optometry


Greetings loyal BPA blog audience! We express our sincerest apologies for keeping our faithful readers in the dark about our exciting projects.

One of those is the renovation to UAB’s School of Optometry building. A significant portion of the work has already been completed, with the remaining renovations scheduled to be finished by the end of the year.

We’re proud to continue our relationship with UAB in designing spaces that empower our clients to bring innovation to the communities around us. The School of Optometry continues to distinguish itself as a top-tier program by providing state-of-the-art clinical practice and partaking in groundbreaking discoveries in vision science.

Peruse the project page to read and see more about the 18,600 SF renovation: And learn more about UAB's School of Optometry at their website:



BPA Young Faces - Alicia & Charlie

Alicia & Charlie Composite.jpg

Alicia Pughsley and Charlie Abram are two of Birchfield Penuel's prized emerging leaders--both of whom joined the BPA family upon completing their respective internships with us through Auburn University's Urban Studio. Both Alicia and Charlie lead by example with grace and a strength that does not command respect but receives very much of it nonetheless.


Alicia PughSley, AIA LEED AP

  • This is Alicia's 10th year at BPA! Alicia was welcomed to BPA in 2008 and has, over the course of the last decade, grown from being the youngest ever licensed female architect in our office to being an completely invaluable Senior Associate!
  • Alicia has also served AIA Birmingham's Executive Committee (EXCOM) for 8 years in several capacities: Councilor, First Year Director, Second Year Director, and currently as the Secretary.
  • In the office, in addition to being a stellar project manager, Alicia serves as a member of BPA's Future Business Advisory Group - helping to usher in vision and strategy for our BPA family for years to come! Additionally, Alicia is the mama bear-captain-extraordinaire of our in-house Digital Marketing team. She has used her passion for design in all areas and skill to form our team and continues to lead our crew through always-developing and growing ideas and techniques!
  • Alicia is the proud wife of Kevin, a middle school science teacher and coach, and also the super mom to two adorable boys: Maddox, 5 y.o. and Ian, 2 y.o
  • In the free time she has, Alicia is involved in her church, has a stationary company-side hustle, loves practicing her water coloring skills, and enjoys taking all three of her boys on adventures around the city, to the Birmingham zoo, or neighborhood park.
"I love problem solving.  Something about trying to figure out a problem or floor plan for a client is like a puzzle for me….and I love puzzles."
"I decided to join the BPA team full time after my co-op with them during my time at Urban Studio.  I loved the people.  I instantly felt part of a team and a family.  I also loved that I was included in project conversations and design from the start  instead of being pigeon holed doing stair details."
"I love going to various spots around town with my husband and two boys – whether it’s the zoo, the park, or various festivals and events.  Birmingham always has something fun going on.  I also love to take drawing and painting classes here in town when time allows."

Charlie Abram, Assoc. AIA

  • Charlie graduated from Auburn University's Urban Studio in 2015 and over his last 3-4 years at BPA has been a steady treasure - offering both dependable and inventive ideas and contributions on project teams and the variety of committees and groups he serves on.
  • To play along with the 2016 election year, Charlie was elected as BPA's "Chief Intern." And while the title might be slightly in jest, his role is certainly not. Charlie keeps all of our BPA Emerging Professionals tethered to their goals of passing their respective ARE tests and meeting milestones for licensure while also encouraging their participation in the profession as a whole. 
  • Charlie serves in this capacity not only inside our office, but also within AIA Birmingham as Emerging Professionals (EP) Director. As the EP Director, his responsibilities include facilitating the development of the EPs and serving as an ambassador and liaison between the young professionals of the AIA and the broader organization.
  • Don't let his exemplification of men's professional style confuse you, Charlie is an outdoor junkie. He loves to hike Ruffner and Red Mountain or go on an evening jog around Railroad park. Charlie is also very involved in his church community and can therefore be found around the city proselytizing about one of his three loves: Jesus, Birmingham, or Beyonce. 
I love SO MANY things about BPA, but the thing I appreciate most is the opportunity and encouragement to cultivate the career I truly desire. It is very important for me to have balance between professional development and civic involvement. I’m able to pursue interests outside of the office [and the profession], without being expected to compromise my growth as an architect or the project teams I’m able to work on."

"Since my first day at BPA, I have been encouraged to immerse myself into every project I have an opportunity to work on—whether it was going to last for 3 days or for 3 months. It became immediately apparent that new ideas were enthusiastically welcomed and were not considered a hindrance. Listing all of the things I learned during my Urban Studio co-op would take an extremely long time. But, the lasting impression that made me eager to return is just as true as it was three years ago: BPA believes that people are its greatest asset."

"My absolute favorite thing about Birmingham is the prevalence of great outdoor spaces within quick access of downtown. My ideal Saturday includes a few hours with a great book, under a shady tree in Railroad Park."

At BPA we believe our greatest asset is the people on our team. We pride ourselves on honing our design talents and empowering team members to grow as leaders during every phase of their respective careers. We’re extremely proud of Alicia and Charlie and grateful for the way they represent BPA so well!



A Sneak Peek at One of Our Oldest Projects...


We can’t say much, but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share some cool photos from this antebellum era structure. Be sure to come back to our blog or visit our social media accounts for more updates about this mysterious and exciting project!



BPA Young Faces - Allison & Micah

Allison & Micah Composite.jpg

Allison Vosicky and Micah Martin are two of Birchfield Penuel's brightest and youngest talents--both of whom we first met at the Auburn University Internship Fair. Allison, a South Florida native, made her way to Birmingham after graduating in 2015. Micah, a Birmingham area local, grew up in Homewood and was excited to return to his old stomping grounds in 2016. Both Allison and Micah are excited about downtown Birmingham’s design renaissance and were drawn by the probability of working on projects that would make a lasting impact in the city. In their short time with BPA, they have distinguished themselves as emerging leaders and essential members of our internal Digital Marketing Team.


Allison Vosicky, Assoc. AIA

  • As part of the Digital Marketing Team, she uses her interests in graphic design to distinguish herself as one of our social media experts—crafting many of our promotional images and marketing materials.
  • Allison is also a member of our Future Business Advisory Group, whose role is to initiate and refine strategic visioning for the company. As the youngest member of this committee, she ensures that the forward progress of BPA keeps design professionals from all generations invested in future visioning.
  • Outside of the office, Allison is an active member of several civic organizations including Junior League of Birmingham, AIA Birmingham, Sweetwater Outreach, and her local church.
“This is a little nerdy, but I’ve wanted to be an architect even before I even knew what Architecture was. My grandmother was a designer in New York City and she fostered an appreciation for design in me from a young age, whether it was letting me visit her studio in Manhattan and pour over her blueprints or gifting us VHS movies about Monet and Degas, and my first T-square! I grew up wanting to create and to imagine, and that desire continued to grow and develop as I approached design school.”
“What I love about Birmingham is illustrated in the fact that we can ride our bikes to the grocery store or any of the fantastic restaurants and breweries the downtown has to offer AND run into dear friends there – essentially, we can live an active, urban lifestyle and yet still benefit from a small-town community.”

Micah Martin, Assoc. AIA

  • Being the youngest member on the Digital Marketing Team, he keeps the team relevant to what engages the youngest members of the design community.
  • Over the past year, Micah has taken on the responsibility of ushering in a positive shift with our presentation graphics. In this role, he has exhibited great creativity with his intuitive sense about allowing the architecture to speak for itself.
  • Micah has had the opportunity to work on projects for several of our high-profile and longest standing clients, such as UAB Health System and the University of Alabama.
  • A self-proclaimed sports aficionado, he is always eager to discuss the highlights from yesterday’s sporting event. In his free time, Micah coaches youth soccer and is a member of an adult soccer league, himself.
“I chose a career in architecture because it offers a variety of problem solving opportunities, from the technical to the aesthetic, and a chance to shape the spaces and built environments in which we live.”
“I love Birmingham's beautiful, historic buildings, the music scene, and the great restaurants. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday is going to Avondale to get drinks with friends and to give food truck vendors all of my money.”

At BPA we believe our greatest asset is the people on our team. We pride ourselves on honing our design talents and empowering team members to grow as leaders during every phase of their respective careers. We’re extremely proud of Allison and Micah and grateful for the way they represent BPA so well!



Mercedes-Benz US International In Review

bpa_mercedes__006 (reduced).jpg

As we begin a new year, let's take a look back at the completion of the 2017 office renovations at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vance, Alabama. With over 80,000 square feet already completed, we are proud to say we are currently under design and construction for several additional areas throughout the plant. Stay tuned in 2018 for more exciting updates!

Each renovation begins with a conceptual idea that is conveyed through a sketch, thanks to our very own Wallace Williams! This allows us to convey our ideas to the client before we begin the construction documentation process. So far this has been well received and leaves each area with a piece of art to motivate them for the future!

A special thanks to the talented Chris Luker with Luker Photography for these images

For more photos and information on our work at the Mercedes-Benz plant, visit our project page



Happy Thanksgiving!

bpa thanksgiving_combined pages.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving from BPA!

As always we’re thankful for our amazing clients, consultants, staff and their families.

What are you thankful for this year?



BPA Welcomes back Cassandra Hopkins

BPA is excited to welcome designer, Cassandra Hopkins, back to our firm.  Cassandra worked with us for several years before deciding to take some time off to care for her two boys.  Now that her boys are back in school, she's decided to join us again, and we couldn't be more thrilled.  


GET TO KNOW Cassandra! 

What's one of your favorite things about Birmingham?: All of the local stores and opportunities for shopping

What do you like to do in your free time/ what hobbies to you have?:  As a mother of two boys, I don't really have a lot of free time.  However, when I do find a spare minute, I love crafting, antique shopping, decorating for the holidays, and finding new uses for old things.  

What led you to pursue a career in design?: I love drawing, bringing new life to things, and space planning. 

Fun facts:     Mother to two boys (Judson, 8 and Carter, 6) and married 11 years to husband, Jeremy.  I'm a Champion Scarecrow Builder and I love to listen to Christmas music year round.



AIA & IIDA Board Members

Birchfield Penuel and Associates wholeheartedly supports the efforts of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). Both the AIA and the IIDA advocate on behalf of their respective professions to the general public and work diligently to support their members throughout their careers. The majority of the design professionals at BPA are active participants in AIA and IIDA. We proudly recognize the standout members of the BPA family who currently hold board positions in these organizations.


Alicia Pughsley, AIA, LEED AP, one of our senior associates, has served on AIA Birmingham's Executive Committee (EXCOM) for 8 years in several capacities: Councilor, Secretary, and currently as the First Year Director. In this role, she leads the chapter's effort on sponsorship and assists with the promotion of chapter events.  In addition to her position on EXCOM, Alicia serves with AIA's non-profit extension, the Alabama Center for Architecture (ACFA) as the chair of their DreamArchitecture Birmingham committee. DreamArchitecture is an outreach program that inspires elementary school students to explore their curiosity about the design of the built environment.


Charlie Abram, Assoc. AIA, one of our graduate architects, is serving his first term with EXCOM as the Emerging Professionals (EP) Director. As the EP Director, Charlie serves as an ambassador and liaison between the young professionals of the AIA and the broader organization. His responsibilities include facilitating the development of the EPs in their pursuit of licensure and encouraging their participation in both the AIA and the profession of architecture as a whole.


Maria Glaser, RID, IIDA, LEED AP, one of our senior associates has served on the IIDA Alabama Chapter Board for 8 years as both a Professional Development Officer and an Executive Officer. In her role this year as President of the Chapter, she oversees all activities of the Chapter and acts as liaison to IIDA International. She has also been Chair of the Chapter's primary fundraising event, ARTrageous, for the past 6 years. Beneficiaries of the event include the IIDA Foundation and Studio By the Tracks.


Melissa Porter, RID, IIDA, LEED ID+C, one of our associates has served on the IIDA Alabama Chapter Board for 3 years as both Director and Vice President of Communications. In this role she is responsible for Chapter communications, social media, and website maintanence.


Laura Yeatman, RID, IIDA, LEED ID+C, one of our associates has served on the IIDA Alabama Chapter Board for 2 years, as Young Professionals Liaison and currently as Birmingham City Center Representative. In her current role, she coordinates City Center activities with the Executive Officers and committees.

All of these individuals are leaders within our office, so it comes as no surprise to us that they have been chosen to serve with AIA and IIDA. We appreciate how they represent BPA well and positively influence the design profession of Birmingham.



Welcome our Fall Urban Studio Intern JD Duffie

We're excited to have our Fall Architectural Intern with us from Auburn University's Urban Studio. 

JD is a 5th year Architecture student from Lilburn, Georgia and will be with us for the Fall semester. 

JD_Fall 2017 (Medium).jpg

Get to Know JD! 

Proper Name:     Jonathan David Duffie

What has been something fun that you’ve discovered about Birmingham so far? :     All the great walking-distance restaurants downtown

What’s one thing you’ve learned in Architecture school:     When faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem, just start drawing! 

If you could sit down and have coffee with an Architect living or dead who would it be?     King Solomon

What do you like to do in your free time/what hobbies do you have?     Reading, writing, drawing, watching my favorite teams play, having high-quality conversations, travelling, hiking, eating, drinking good beer, listening to excellent music, attempting to answer existential questions

Fun fact:     I’ve read 25 books so far this year



BPA Proudly Announces a new Senior Associate and Associate

Birchfield Penuel & Associates proudly announces Alicia Pughsley, AIA, LEED AP, as Senior Associate and Laura Yeatman, NCIDQ, IIDA, LEED GA, as Associate!


Alicia Pughsley, AIA, LEED AP
Senior Associate

Alicia received her Bachelor’s in Architecture from Auburn University and is a registered architect in the state of Alabama. Alicia came to BPA while studying at Auburn’s Urban Studio program and has been an indispensable member of our team ever since. Her positive attitude and determined work ethic have earned her a role as a dynamic young leader in our firm.

Her technical proficiency and design talent have equipped her to serve some of our largest and oldest clients. On top of that, she has managed a team that has overhauled our web and social media presence. She continues to invest in the broader profession of architecture by serving on the Executive Board of the Birmingham chapter of AIA.

We are so proud of Alicia, the work that she’s done, and the leader she’s become. We’re excited to announce her as the newest Senior Associate on our team.


Laura Yeatman, NCIDQ, IIDA, LEED GA

Laura Yeatman received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Auburn University and is a registered interior designer in the state of Alabama and a LEED Green Associate.  

Since coming to BPA, Laura has been a force behind some of our most exciting projects and new client relationships. Her experience in both healthcare and corporate interiors are allowing us to expand further into those markets than ever before. Laura is also heavily involved in growing the local design community. She is currently serving as the Director of Birmingham City Center on the Executive Board of the Alabama chapter of IIDA.

Laura is part of an exciting new era in our firm and we are pleased to announce her as the latest addition to our team of Associates.



Schluter Systems Headquarters - Montreal


Last month, Pam Lowery of BPI invited some of the BPA interior designers to make a trip to Schluter Systems’ North American headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Schluter Systems hosted a workshop to discuss the challenges in traditional floor, wall, and exterior tile applications as well as new technologies available to address these issues. Working sessions and seminars were given throughout the visit with topics covering building efficiency and LEED, tile installations, proper drain installation, water-proofing and moisture management. 

The ladies also made time to explore the cultural gem that is Quebec’s most populous city. They enjoyed a dining cruise on Le Bateau-Mouche down the St. Laurent River and under the Jacques Cartier Bridge, a walking tour of Old Montreal and the Port, a tour of Le Notre Dame cathedral, and a visit to world-famous Gibby’s Steakhouse.

A special thank you to Steve Brasington and William LeBlanc from Schluter Systems for graciously hosting the visit and to Pam for coordinating the festivities!



St. Vincent's 119 Sisters Garden

After our addition of the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Saint Vincent's One Nineteen, we were tasked with dreaming up a sacred space for the One Nineteen campus to connect the existing wellness facility and the new Surgery Center.

We held collaborative charettes with healthcare providers and caregivers that serve the ministry, and as a product of these work sessions, came up with the idea for the Sisters Garden. Our goal was to develop a space that welcomed growth, sharing, renewing of the inner life, persistence of purpose and reminding us of the spiritual presence in all of creation. 


The St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Sisters Garden is a sequence of outdoor spaces designed as a fundamental component of the St. Vincent’s Health System’s Healing Ministry. This sacred space constitutes a meditative garden and labyrinth, ethereal canopy and intimate gathering spaces. 

The design underscores the physical and spiritual centrality of the project. Each detail element reinforces the concept of suspension between introspection and outward engagement.  Cedar screens shelter visitors, patients and caregivers alike, while maintaining a visual connection to their surroundings. A translucent canopy arcs across the space, drawing passers-by into a moment of rest and contemplation.

Check out our project page for more details and photos:

Photographs by: Luker Photography



Welcoming Jennifer Smoke for the Summer!


We're happy to have Jennifer Smoke back with us this summer as an Architectural Intern! Jennifer is a rising 5th year at Auburn University and worked with us a few summers ago when she was a second year student. Jennifer is a native of Birmingham and loves being able to be a part of the great design going on in the city while she's home on summer break.

Fun Facts:

- Jennifer is a dance minor! And studies dance when she's not slaving away in the architecture studio. 

- Her default hair style is an afro! 

- She once worked at a sushi restaurant - so we will all be trying to glean sushi knowledge from her.  

Welcome back Jennifer! 



2017 IDIES Awards

The 2017 IIDA Alabama Chapter IDIE Awards lived up to its Rock and Roll theme this year, from the venue to the trophies.  The twelfth biennial event held this year at Iron City hosted over 325 attendees, including Educators, Students, Interior Designers, Architects, and Vendors, and as well as clients who’s projects were being honored.  Birchfield Penuel was proud to be represented in two categories:  Best Of Corporate – Large for Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Best of Healthcare – Large for New Western Health Center for Jefferson County and St. Vincent’s Chilton Hospital.

 (L-R: Russ Realmuto, Kelsie Perry, Maria Glaser, Amy Estock, Laura Yeatman, Marlee Caldwell, Tom Kidwell)

(L-R: Russ Realmuto, Kelsie Perry, Maria Glaser, Amy Estock, Laura Yeatman, Marlee Caldwell, Tom Kidwell)

Each firm represented was also invited to create an album cover to be used in the program.  Although no official award was given for Best Album Cover, BPA's was chosen as the overall favorite!  

 (L-R: Laura Yeatman, Melissa Porter, Amy Estock, Wallace Williams, Marlee Caldwell, Maria Glaser, Kelsie Perry)

(L-R: Laura Yeatman, Melissa Porter, Amy Estock, Wallace Williams, Marlee Caldwell, Maria Glaser, Kelsie Perry)

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the 2017 IDIE Awards Committee!

We'd like to give a special shout out to one of our favorite sculptors and artists, Richard Miree, for his wonderful work designing and sculpting all of the design awards for the event! Visit his website to check out his other work.



Mercedes: Design Innovation & Collaborative Workspaces

If you subscribe to our email newsletter, you may recall our inaugural issue that discussed the dynamic created by having three distinctly different generations in the workplace. In our feature article, we described how a flexible and collaborative design can accommodate the various needs and activities each generation brings to the workplace. BPA had an opportunity to implement these strategies recently when Mercedes-Benz US International (MBUSI) approached us about helping them do just that. The renovation, which encompassed more than 85,000 SF of workspace for multiple departments, allowed us the opportunity to utilize a number of recent innovations in both the design process and the final outcome.


The need for collaborative and flexible workspaces is not unique to MBUSI, but is rather a movement sweeping through progressive workplaces all over the country. The widespread nature of this trend has led to a fleet of new products and technologies designed specifically to address this need. We worked with some world-class suppliers to leverage the best of these products to create a truly innovative space for MBUSI.

Many of these products focus on providing new levels of collaboration among teams. We used a number of Steelecase systems and product lines to create meeting spaces at a variety of scales and uses. The Steelcase Post & Beam system helped give definition to informal seating groups that occur in a number of configurations throughout the large open spaces of MBUSI’s offices. Steelcase’s VIA system takes that concept a step further in a number of locations by creating glass-walled conference rooms that provide the audible privacy that is sometimes necessary while maintaining the visual connection to the rest of the team members. These conference rooms are packed to the brim with the latest in communication and productivity software. Each room comes equipped with fully-integrated video conferencing equipment and specially designed bands of LED lights that provide glare-free illumination. To top it all off, every surface of the conference room enclosure - even the glass - is writeable so that every idea can be captured. Software is integrated into every room so that scheduling and booking space is fast and simple. These technologies combine to create environments that foster unprecedented levels of teamwork and creativity.



Another hallmark of MBUSI’s new workspace is a flexibility to accommodate a variety of present and future uses. That desire for flexibility drove the development of the myriad of seating and meeting options. Providing a menu of workspace options gives team members the ability to choose where they work based on team size, activity type, or personal (or generational) preference. Power is integrated into much of the furniture to further facilitate the ability to work from anywhere. Even dining and break rooms have been outfitted to become “work cafes”. Some of the conference rooms were furnished to allow stand-up meetings around a workspace. But the flexibility of the space is not limited to the range here-and-now uses, but also has the ability to reconfigure to meets needs that MBUSI and the design team don’t even see coming yet. Not only is the furniture moveable, but even the VIA and Post & Beam systems are demountable so that the entire space can adapt with the growing and changing needs of MBUSI. That kind of flexibility extends from floor to ceiling. The Shaw Contract carpet tiles - whose colors, shape, and textures help define space for gathering and circulation - can easily be picked up and moved due to the lock-dot application method. An Armstrong cloud system was used to create a planar organizational element through the space overhead without the permanence of an architectural soffit. Every consideration was given to accommodating the needs of MBUSI’s team - both now and in years to come. We want to thank the team of suppliers, product representatives, and contractors that contributed to the success of this project. The result is a truly innovative and dynamic workspace.


The involvement of innovation in this project was not limited to the products used to shape the final outcome. It also included the process by which those concepts and products were brought to bear. A project of this size and scope is inevitably going to engage a variety of needs and preferences across the many departments represented. As a design team, we found it valuable to realistically represent the proposed outcome of each space so that each user group could provide real-time feedback during the design phase. To do this, we relied on a core functionality of the design tools we use on projects of all sizes. We were able to build a digital 3D model of each space that served as a basis for a series of photo-realistic renderings that provided a hyper-accurate visualization of the final product in the middle of the design process. This effort was bolstered by working with suppliers that not only provide accurate models of their furniture and systems, but also life-like representations of the material choices for each piece. Take a look at the images below for a side-by-side comparison of the rendering vs. reality. Can you tell which one is which?

Our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) also enabled us to make use of cutting-edge Virtual Reality technologies to provide our client with not only what it looks like to see the space, but also what it is like to experience it. The growing use of VR in our industry and our practice is a post unto itself, so be sure to keep visiting our blog and social media accounts. You don’t want to miss it!

Also be sure to check out the MBUSI Workplace Transformation project page by clicking here for additional images and information.

The Vance plant produces some of the finest vehicles on the market, including the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the GLS SUV, the GLE SUV, and the GLE Coupe SUV. Visit the website below for information on MBUSI, its Plant Tours, Visitors Center and the Gift Shop.