This month we thought it would be great to feature one of our talented Interior Designers, Melissa Porter. Most would describe Melissa as kindhearted, witty, stylish, dependable, and very detail-oriented.  With one of the most enviable design experiences working in Healthcare and Commercial projects, she quickly made her mark here at our firm.  In addition to successfully supervising and knocking out projects, she also manages to be a rockstar mom to two wonderful girls.  She’s an example of “having it all” and doing it beautifully.  We’re excited that Melissa took a moment out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.  We were surprised to learn a few new things about her as well.

Have you ever had any other career in mind? "Although I was considering interior design in high school, I started out college somewhat undecided, but loosely with a major in elementary education and a minor in music.  After my first (somewhat humiliating) music class I realized that was a mistake and immediately did the drop/add thing.  By my sophomore year I was settled on interior design and confident it was the right path for me.”

Favorite TV show? "TV??  Having 2 kids I rarely get to watch what I want to watch anymore!  I don’t really have one in particular since I’m still trying to catch up on binge watching several series.  After their bedtime if I’m still awake, my slightly twisted side likes to watch creepy shows like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead; my more serious side enjoys The Voice and MasterChef; but I still always get a big laugh every time I watch Modern Family!”

What was your first job? What did you learn from it? "When I was 17 I worked in retail at The Limited at Brookwood Mall.  Although I realized that sales is not my strength, it did help me to step out of my shell a bit and overcome some of my shyness.  I also learned the proper way to fold a shirt neatly!”

Where would we find you on a typical Saturday? At home doing laundry – it never ends!  But more frequently now we’ll be at an AHJA horse show with my 13-year-old daughter, Sydney.”

What do you think is Birmingham’s best-kept secret? "All the fabulous places to eat!”

What is your favorite vacation spot? "The beach!  Growing up my family traveled all over the U.S. and visited many awesome places, but to me nothing beats the beach!  Disney World is a close second!!”

What scares you? Heights!  They terrify me and make me queasy.  I recently had a chance to go in the “Ledge” on the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago so I could face my fears…but I wimped out.”

What things do you not like to do? Fold laundry, talk on the phone, and argue with my daughters!”

Who is your role model and why? I would say my husband’s grandmother, Louise “Grammy” Warren.  Although I only met her in my early 20’s she really touched my life and was always someone I felt like I could talk to about anything.  She was a great listener, never judged, and gave great hugs.  She was also very influential in both my girls’ (Sydney and Sophie) lives.  I miss her!”


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