Over the weekend, interior designers at BPA took part in the NCIDQ Spring Practice Practicum on both the testing and the grading sides. What is a practice Practicum, you ask? It’s a mock exam for the hand-drafting portion of the NCIDQ Exams set up by the IIDA Alabama chapter to help designers prepare for the actual exam on April 2nd.

Never heard of NCIDQ? No one explains it better than NCIDQ themselves:

"The Council for Interior Design Qualification, or CIDQ, is the global leader in establishing standards of competence for interior design/interior architecture professionals. 
CIDQ protects public health, safety and welfare by identifying interior designers who have the knowledge and experience to create interior spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and safe.
Interior designers who meet the eligibility requirements for education and experience and pass the rigorous NCIDQ Exam are assigned a unique NCIDQ Certification number that attests to their qualifications for employers, state regulators and the general public."

There are three parts to the NCIDQ Exams: two multiple-choice, computer based exams (IDFX & IDPX) and a hand-drafting portion called the Practicum that includes 7 timed exercises to demonstrate knowledge of space planning, lighting design, life safety, egress, accessibility compliance, building systems integration and millwork design. 

BPA currently has four NCIDQ Certified Interior Designers who are Registered in the State of Alabama, including one who sat as Chairman of the Board from 2005-2013.

Check out www.NCIDQexam.org to learn more about the examination process and what it means to be a certified interior designer.


Quote from: www.NCIDQexam.org