With the new year upon us and 2016 slowly fading in the rear view mirror, the Birchfield Penuel team is excited about the many opportunities on the horizon for 2017 and beyond. It is apparent that the entire nation is in transition, from our country’s political leadership to a shifting workforce demographic and significant technological advances that are revolutionizing entire industries. As a firm we feel change is a good thing, however each individual may react differently to the idea of a future to which we are not accustomed. As a species, we are creatures of habit, clinging onto the old and familiar until we are finally convinced that the new is  an improvement to our old way of life.  

     The inevitability of change is real and as design professionals, we not only have the ability but the responsibility to embrace these changes. As a profession, we are the forefront of advancement - the early adopters of innovation - and we should be the visionaries to help pave the way for our society.  Not only to insure that the world we live in will become more aesthetically pleasing, but to set the standards for the responsible stewardship of our surroundings and environment. Designers are and should be the forward thinkers, the problem solvers and sometimes the ushers for society’s conscience.

     Although the new and innovative is often seen as positive, rapid change may have its own disadvantages. When the vehicle we are in is moving too fast, it can be difficult to see all of the detail around us; to plan properly for what is just down the road. Our culture tends to focus on being ahead of schedule, only to result in a disjointed product in the end. The idea that was initially inventive and exciting becomes hollow and meaningless without the necessary attention to detail and proper planning.

     Not every project that we are involved in allows us to push the creative boundaries,  initiate media attention or a design award. These opportunities are statistically few and the recognition can be fleeting. Our goal should be to treat each project as a step toward the future, an integral piece of the puzzle that requires careful planning and attention to detail and an opportunity to positively change the future in an enduring way, if only incrementally.

     As a firm, our resolution is to continue to provide that extra attention to detail for all of our clients regardless of the budget, complexity, or  prominence of the project. We will work even harder to make it apparent as to why BPA has been included as part of your team.

“We value this relationship and every opportunity to assist you in the future."

- Alan Crotwell, AIA, Associate Principal


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