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Allison Vosicky and Micah Martin are two of Birchfield Penuel's brightest and youngest talents--both of whom we first met at the Auburn University Internship Fair. Allison, a South Florida native, made her way to Birmingham after graduating in 2015. Micah, a Birmingham area local, grew up in Homewood and was excited to return to his old stomping grounds in 2016. Both Allison and Micah are excited about downtown Birmingham’s design renaissance and were drawn by the probability of working on projects that would make a lasting impact in the city. In their short time with BPA, they have distinguished themselves as emerging leaders and essential members of our internal Digital Marketing Team.


Allison Vosicky, Assoc. AIA

  • As part of the Digital Marketing Team, she uses her interests in graphic design to distinguish herself as one of our social media experts—crafting many of our promotional images and marketing materials.
  • Allison is also a member of our Future Business Advisory Group, whose role is to initiate and refine strategic visioning for the company. As the youngest member of this committee, she ensures that the forward progress of BPA keeps design professionals from all generations invested in future visioning.
  • Outside of the office, Allison is an active member of several civic organizations including Junior League of Birmingham, AIA Birmingham, Sweetwater Outreach, and her local church.
“This is a little nerdy, but I’ve wanted to be an architect even before I even knew what Architecture was. My grandmother was a designer in New York City and she fostered an appreciation for design in me from a young age, whether it was letting me visit her studio in Manhattan and pour over her blueprints or gifting us VHS movies about Monet and Degas, and my first T-square! I grew up wanting to create and to imagine, and that desire continued to grow and develop as I approached design school.”
“What I love about Birmingham is illustrated in the fact that we can ride our bikes to the grocery store or any of the fantastic restaurants and breweries the downtown has to offer AND run into dear friends there – essentially, we can live an active, urban lifestyle and yet still benefit from a small-town community.”

Micah Martin, Assoc. AIA

  • Being the youngest member on the Digital Marketing Team, he keeps the team relevant to what engages the youngest members of the design community.
  • Over the past year, Micah has taken on the responsibility of ushering in a positive shift with our presentation graphics. In this role, he has exhibited great creativity with his intuitive sense about allowing the architecture to speak for itself.
  • Micah has had the opportunity to work on projects for several of our high-profile and longest standing clients, such as UAB Health System and the University of Alabama.
  • A self-proclaimed sports aficionado, he is always eager to discuss the highlights from yesterday’s sporting event. In his free time, Micah coaches youth soccer and is a member of an adult soccer league, himself.
“I chose a career in architecture because it offers a variety of problem solving opportunities, from the technical to the aesthetic, and a chance to shape the spaces and built environments in which we live.”
“I love Birmingham's beautiful, historic buildings, the music scene, and the great restaurants. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday is going to Avondale to get drinks with friends and to give food truck vendors all of my money.”

At BPA we believe our greatest asset is the people on our team. We pride ourselves on honing our design talents and empowering team members to grow as leaders during every phase of their respective careers. We’re extremely proud of Allison and Micah and grateful for the way they represent BPA so well!