Get to Know Katherine! 

We're excited to have our Summer Interior Design Intern with us from Auburn University. 

Katherine is a Senior at Auburn & will be working in our Interior Design Studio this summer!


What’s one of your favorite things about Birmingham?

Birmingham is home. I have been born and raised here, and it is nice to come back to my roots. I love that my siblings work here, and that I am able to grab lunch with them or tour around parts of Birmingham that I never got to experience growing up.


What do you like to do in your free time/ what hobbies do you have?

In my free time I enjoy photography either with a client or just a friend that enjoys the same things I do. I finally graduated to a full frame camera this winter. I love crafting with my dad, antique shopping, hiking, reading, playing guitar, traveling, chasing sunsets (or sunrises), and spending quality time with friends and family.


What led you to pursue a career in design?

My dad is a huge reason why I decided to pursue design. Although he is medically-inclined I would always catch him sketching and drawing floor plans. When I asked why he would do that after working long hours at the hospital he would simply reply that it was therapeutic for him to create “beauty out of ashes.” It brought him joy to create and design spaces that he and others could enjoy. As I pursued this career, I’ve learned that it is about so much more than putting pillows on couches. It is about bringing life to things.


Fun Facts: I am the 4th out of 5 kids. I am quite the “adventure bug,” but I also find enjoyment in the small things. I have been bungee jumping and sky diving in New Zealand. I have lived in Italy for 3 months. I play guitar, and bonfires at sunset have to be one of my “love languages.”